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Anonymity, privacy, data control, no-tracking

However, I seriously believe that the best way to avoid losing control over our own information, it is to avoid delivering them to any third party that we do not trust. Obviously, that comes with a substantial number of trade-offs around the way we will end-up using all the free services around the web.

…because since 2008 I choose…

...because since 2008 I choose...

Tor network is an initiative for providing some level of anonymity via a low-latency network. The network is available over the web and anyone can join via a developed software that is free and open-source. The Tor protocol is built around the onion-routing principle and it can be used successfully with a browser, but also other applications. Traffic is encrypted and Tor claims to offer a good protection level against the identity exposure, as long as it is configured properly.

…traffic Tor Network…

...understanding Tor Network...

PDF version: “Understanding Tor”
A presentation inspired from the

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