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7-years non-stop, time for a server upgrade!

The idea of a server setup started around 2010. Since that time, the server changed multiple physical locations and countries, but never stopped running and serving my needs. It became a habit and one of the greatest ideas I had for getting a playground for experimentation and independence. It allowed me to deliver and maintain core projects such as,, but also hundreds of others which helped me to grow as a software engineer.

So, it was time for an upgrade. A brand-new Thermaltake core V31 case, a Samsung SSD and a few bequite Silent Wings 3 fans for cooling.


Of course, it would not be fun, if I did not include also a RGB Fan Controller for voltage, temperature and RPMs.

Upgraded Server

Until the next upgrade, happy uptimes!

About Spyros

Addicted to any kind of hacks, coding, django, debian, vim and caffeine.

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