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HireMe Update

A successful integration with TeacherFinder is now live.


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TeacherFinder, what a journey…

Almost a decade for TeacherFinder. Another major upgrade that aims to offer the best possible experience and usage to users…

TeacherFinder Reviews

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HireMe is up and running

It took us 8 months of hard work, but finally is live!
May the force be with us …

HireMe | A Search Engine for Professionals

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TeacherFinder – Got a major update!

It’s been a while, but the new fully upgraded version of TeacherFinder has been published. A lot of new features, enjoy!

TeacherFinder | The Search Engine for Greek Tutors

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cloudNotes is up and running!


…a unique platform for any kind of notes…

The first version of cloudNotes is now available. A project that aims to complement with the best possible way TeacherFinder. Two years of hard work, dedication and endless late night coding, but worth it all the way! A tremendous experience that resulted into a clean design, a novel architecture and a secure cloud-based platform, which is built on top of so many different technologies.


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