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HandCrafted Epoxy Resin Table

I could not find a coffee table that I like enough to put in my living room. While searching, I came across the idea of Epoxy Resin River Table (DIY).

I was hooked…I had to try to build it … here are my results …

Step 1: Building a mold and finding the walnut slabs

Walnut Slabs Walnut Slabs

Step 2: Resin Color Preparation and Deep Pouring

Resin Colors Deep Pour

Step 3: A lot of Sanding and Polishing

Sanded Polished

The Final Result

My Epoxy Resin River Table

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DataGrinder | When data intimidates, you grind!

It is clear that as the volume of data keeps increasing, internal tools that will help you build a better subscription business are required. You have to be able to use all the data that you have in order to understand your customers and grow your business. That’s what DataGrinder is all about. A custom internal tool for data mining.


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HireMe is up and running

It took us 8 months of hard work, but finally is live!
May the force be with us …

HireMe | A Search Engine for Professionals

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TeacherFinder – Got a major update!

It’s been a while, but the new fully upgraded version of TeacherFinder has been published. A lot of new features, enjoy!

TeacherFinder | The Search Engine for Greek Tutors

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cloudNotes is up and running!


…a unique platform for any kind of notes…

The first version of cloudNotes is now available. A project that aims to complement with the best possible way TeacherFinder. Two years of hard work, dedication and endless late night coding, but worth it all the way! A tremendous experience that resulted into a clean design, a novel architecture and a secure cloud-based platform, which is built on top of so many different technologies.


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